Virtual Studio Visit w LIZ MARES

Liz Mares | Virtual studio visit

"Solitude has always been a big portion of my lifestyle. I'm an introverted person, by nature, and the quiet gives me the space I need to be able to think, construct and breathe. That's why I've found the beauty of nature to be best (imo) enjoyed by myself. In these private moments, I take my time mentally collecting the intricate patterns, robust and muted color tones and the delicate line intersections the natural elements create. There really is no better artist or teacher than the natural world and I happily learn from what it provides. This is how I heal and grow, in the richness of solitude." Liz recently brought the outside in, recycling old boxes into pots for growing vegetables and working on converting her pantry into an indoor greenhouse.

Thank you for sharing some new work, along w garden and a few nature shots, Liz!!

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