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Amy King | King Art Collective | Art Consultant


Amy King is the founder of King Art Collective, an art consultancy formed in Chicago in 2011 and serving clients throughout the U.S.   Specializing in the curation of contemporary art and site-specific installation in public spaces, Amy works with clients on the acquisition of paintings, murals, sculpture, and other fine art objects for both corporate and private collections.


King Art Collective’s approach is to show the limitless potential of art – to invigorate and transform the spaces that people live and work and elevate the everyday experience. From office buildings to residences to public spaces, Amy works to acquire art that is authentic, unexpected and stays true to the client’s unique vision and voice.




Step 1: On-Site Consultation - We will discuss your space and establish your aesthetic intention, style, objectives, timeline and budget in further detail through an in-person meeting with you or/and your team.


Step 2:  Proposals:  King Art Collective will draft a proposal for your project by drawing from our extensive network of artists.


Step 3:  Installation -  King Art Collective can arrange for shipping, delivery and professional installation of your artwork.


Custom Consultation and Design

Original Fine Art


Site-Specific Installations



Art Handling and Delivery/Shipping Coordination






                        "I have things in my head that are not like what anyone taught me - shapes and ideas so near to me, so natural to my way of being and thinking."  Georgia O'Keefe 

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