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Ted Stanuga Exhibition

When: Sun, March 17th, 2013 -

Fri, March 22nd, 2013 4:00 pm


Where: Bank of America Plaza, 540 W Madison

             Suite 850, Chicago, IL


This exhibition showcases 8 large scale paintings by artist Ted Stanuga, artwork spanning 15 years.

Exhibitions Date: through March 15, 2013

Time: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm (after 5pm and weekends through West Entrance Only, sign in at front desk)


Meet the Artist: March 9th at 2pm

We will meet for an artist talk with Ted to see his pieces and speak about his artistic process. The talk will be in the lobby of the building, and we'll walk through and discuss Ted's work.


"After spending just an hour in his loft studio, I began to see the images differently, noticing a shape I’d overlooked or interplay of lines that changed the way I saw the piece. His pieces are more than simply aesthetically pleasing– they are engrossing, revealing themselves a bit at a time like a beautiful story."

Tate Gunnerson, Strange Closets


"One of my favorite painters is Ted Stanuga. He, too, is nostalgic and romantic in his consideration and dialog with abstract expressionism; yet he is more direct and purposeful in the creation of his lyrical paintings."

Paul Kline, Art Letter


"There is a really keen-edged language in these works… the way the paint is put down. It’s some interesting interrelation between how I read Brice Marden and Clifford Still, but somehow more responsive than Marden and less staid than Still."

Matt Ballou
Interview Ted Stanuga, Neoteric Art

"The larger works are also experienced while passing in front of them; while walking by and catching parts from the corner of the eye then confronting details directly, this stopping and starting creates the rhythm that first happened during the painting. Creating the marks required of these larger works takes a kind of practice, a repetition of the movement required to make the line, not unlike dance. Consequently the size of the canvas is determined always by the limits of my reach while standing flat on the floor, like my dreams. The enveloping size creates the intimacy I seek."


Stanuga 2012

Bio: Stanuga moved to Chicago from San Diego/Montana in 1973 to attend the School of the Art Institute. While at SAIC he received a grant to study and work at Landfall Press as a printers assistant. This experience contributed significantly to his development and understanding of the commitment required of a serious professional in the arts. Seeing this finally, he walked away overwhelmed. After a series of jobs and projects that fed his thinking he returned to the studio to begin his mature work. He has shown at the Brooklyn Art Museum Print Biennial, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Dart Gallery, Karen Lennox Gallery, and Lanon Cole in Chicago.

For the past 10 years you could find him pushing the edges of his art and what it frames while challenging our ideas about ourselves in the face of these choices and activity.

Take a moment and walk through this newest exhibition of work, some just completed along with other works that span 15 years and experience the unique perspective and life shared in these grand works.

MK Equity Investment and King Art Collective work together to bring the work of local artists to downtown Chicago.

Visit this exhibit at 300 S. Riverside Plaza, just south of Union Station and on Jackson Boulevard along the Chicago River.

Media Contact:
Amy King
Tel: 773.562.2054


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