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A horizontal line makes a stable image, 66 seconds, 2007

After my grandfather passed away, I inherited 70 years of family films shot on

8mm film. While viewing them, I realized that the moments recorded over 70

years, became memories, for me, of my mother's childhood and family without

my being there, or her being there, to contextualize them. This video is an

attempt to understand the passing of time and to visualize the energy or the

shape my family's recorded history.

In a horizontal line makes a stable image, I digitized, edited family 8 mm films

and layered these clips into 42 overlapping layers so I could visualize the arc

and energy of her life in 66 seconds. As a memorial to my mother I created the

sound of the final 66 seconds of a piano piece she played often at my request.

Each note is edited into an arc where the first note would play forward and then

would repeat in reverse. The destabilization and destruction of the shape of a

family after the death of a loved one happens over time and continually reforms like the memories of them.

This was a part of "Finding Family"; curated by Karen Gillenwater, 21c Museum,

Louisville, KY & Mount Sterling, KY's Gateway Regional Art Center



Valerie Sullivan Fuchs is an artist who visualizes the illusive invisible energy of

life and the land she encounters everyday. She works to mirror nature’s fluidity

and acclamation of time, in digitally based videos, photography, installations and emulates nature’s self-sustainable energy by integrating solar power and

hydroelectricity into artworks.

Valerie Fuchs

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