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Swedish Summer

archival inkjet print





Shachaf Polakow is a photographer and new media artist. His most recent work investigates different relationships between people and the environment they are part of.     Looking both at historic changes and recent ones.     The work in this exhibition is part of a long-term exploration and project of the Baltic Sea region in northern Europe. In the summer of 2022, Polakow spent a few weeks exploring
the Hållnäs peninsula in Sweden, walking and biking through the region, listening and observing all that was there. Among them are small ponds, forests, islands and bays. Swans swim in the
sea while bees fly between the different flowers.
During this time, Polakow witnessed and documented many moments, recording sounds, videos and drone footage and taking photos. Together they all came together to a wholesome archive and different works.
The photos and video in this exhibition are an attempt to offer a glimpse of what a Swedish summer in Hållnäs is.

Shachaf Polakow

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