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Don't Worry About the Painting Only Read The Text

Acrylic on Lycra with 5 tone holographic inkjet print

37"x 84" x4"


I make objects, paintings, and videos that abstract or oscillate between announcing and concealing meaning. The resulting work cultivates unserious fields of imagery and installations that interrogate what it means to be visually critical in the 2020s and the future. I do this to playfully mimic, mock, and question the American confrontation between the public and the intertwined spectacle of journalism, political science, advertising, and propaganda. This is done by using the visual language (mark-making) associated with Post-Digital Painting and Casualism, two painterly modalities that question(ed) the ethically fraught relationships between military technologies (specifically digital and screen technologies) and Paintings’ relationship to the economy.


These works thus inherently hold space for a type of digital nostalgia that is neither beneficial or detrimental, but certainly require time and distance to function. 

Megan Bickel

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