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Acrylic on Panel

48" x 60"



My artistic practice contemplates the vagaries and vicissitudes of relational life through portrayals of human effects and environments. I am interested in the things that circulate through our lives, that give us comfort, purpose and meaning; objects (both animate and inanimate) that tell us who we are and who we aren’t. 


These works speak to the role of time through some of the ways that we express our anxieties— "Inside Animals", a fleeting moment of comparison, improvisation, or imitation (our human insecurities and desires projected onto domestic pets) and in "Curfew", the practice of restricting activity within arbitrary hours in order to protect humans from an environment (or an environment from humans). While domestic furniture naturally has some corporeal associations (legs, arms, feet), the particular couch represented here signals a bodily and decorative, possibly feminine association, with a curvy shape, carved wood, and tufted pink upholstery. The couch has been scandalized—visually broken and presumably removed from the safety of the home. The decorative sleeping sunshine pillow hints at the dangers (perceived or actual) of being out past one’s bedtime.


Through the process of collecting, deconstructing, and rebuilding an image, shape by shape, I explore what we expect from objects, but especially the persistent urge to project, to communicate, to exploit the currency of "things". 

Lori Larusso

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