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About The Artist

A brief description of materials and techniques.


Works on wood:

My current collection consists of exotic wood layered with acrylic polymer and patinated iron oxide. The composition incorporates hand carved organic shapes in low relief and hand painted line art. Various combinations of woods are hand tooled to shape the frames.


Works on canvas:                                                                                                                                              

My current collection consists of acrylic polymer layered on canvas. The crackle effect is achieved by variations in the density of the medium when applied.  An even smooth single pass application, a steady hand, calm focus mind and controlled climate play a part in the crackling effect pattern.  Once cured the acrylic polymer has the density of sandstone.  I paint the surface with fluid iron oxide. I apply a patina solution (Blue & Green) to speed up the oxidation of the iron but also create the faux patina colors that one can see on copper & bronze.  Once the oxidation is established a final coat of fluid polymer stabilizes the finish.  Now the subtractive process begins.  Utilizing custom tools I very carefully begin the process of removing the acrylic polymer thus revealing the white crackle pattern left behind.  I finish the surface by applying three coats of ultra violet light inhibitor varnish.  Lastly I carefully select a choice of exotic wood to compliment the piece and custom fabricate the frame.


Artist's Statement

‘Energy can be defined by the physical properties of matter and radiation that manifest as a capacity to perform work such as causing motion or the interaction of molecules.’The effect of energy can be noticed through the act of decay upon both the natural and man-made world. From decomposing billboards on our urban landscape to the formation of rust on metal left out in the rain, I am interested in capturing a moment of decomposition.Elements found in nature harness large amounts of energy. The behavioral study of these elements and their effect on nature serve as inspiration in my practice. Through the physical act of applying media to the canvas, or building structures, I become the vehicle implementing these universal laws of energy This is an integral part of my creative process. Often my paintings and sculptural work mimic weathered surfaces, recreating moments of beauty out of what one might perceive as decay and destruction.I use various methods to create these textures and layers. Variations in the density and application of media are another important aspect to my practice.My work embodies the evolution of time and the immense forces of nature. The process and physical act of making art is important as the outcome. I use our expanding universe as a metaphor for endless possibilities of compositions. This allows for an energetic exchange to be captured with improvisation and without premeditation.

Textura 008



Espacio Dentro









Birth #0025


Antiko #001 SOLD

Textura #007

Diagonales SOLD

Gravedad SOLD

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