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About The Artist

Nate was born in Lansing Michigan, where he lived near a large park that had tadpoles. He spent his childhood playing sports and drawing. Later he moved with his family to the suburbs of Chicago. He sent shoe designs to Nike, played sports, made drawings, wrote a book, got dumped, did some stupid stuff and grew up. He studied art at the University of Kansas and the Art Institute of Chicago before graduating from Columbia College. Lots of other stuff happened. Nate taught art to adults with developmental disabilities for many years, something that greatly influenced his art and his worldview. He is married to Megan. Nate’s artistic vision was formed by art brut, the Chicago imagists, comic book art, street art, abstract expressionism, color field painting, and graphic design. He aims to make art that is accessible but not easy, simple but not vacant, fun but not weightless, and colorful but not garish. He sees his work as a filtered vision of what he sees on a daily basis, and often that comes out as abstracted cityscapes and collages of faces.

Freezing Rain City

Love What Remains

Wheel Sky City

Arch City

One Route City

Yellow City

Den City

Home Town Revisit

Love the Hood

Open City

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