Artist's Statement

I find a continuing fascination with, and deepening respect for, the process of oil painting, and art making in general, as a way of engaging with the world as genuinely as I can and as means of utilizing my potential as a human being. 

I am continually amazed at the unending challenges of painting. The ensuing knowledge that comes as a result of this engagement funtions like the ladder toward a little more complete or compelling expression. It calls to mind a proverbial journey into the unknwon: I, as a human being, am molded by what I choose to see and do.

Specifically, I am drawn to thinking about the physical, as well as psychological, space that we inhabit. We are given to choosing many things, but the fact we occupy space in order to exist is undeniable and universal. My art explores the content, texture, and resonance of space that enfolds us and which reflects who we are in return.

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