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About The Artist

Jay Zerbe completed a BA from the American University of Beirut, and an MFA in printmaking from Indiana University, Bloomington. His professional art career began in 1968 in Beirut with several exhibitions. His work was first shown in Chicago in the 1977 Chicago and Vicinity Exhibition at the Art Institute. Mr. Zerbe has worked as a graphic designer (PBS), web designer (IBM), and virtual world designer (IBM). He now works full time as an artist. His work has been shown in Chicago, Santa Fe, New York, New Orleans, Atlanta, Omaha, Lincoln, Novato, and Nacogdoches. He has gallery representation in Chicago IL, Grand Rapids MI, and Detroit MI.


Artist's Statement

The contrast of chaos with order provides the structure for my work. The appearance of order breaks down under scrutiny, which mirrors my understanding of reality. My emotions seek pattern and rationality, while my intellect sees mismatched parts and ambiguous systems. The core of my work revolves around juxtaposing these diverse structures and their uncertain references.

Canyons and Towers


Fall Garden

Dusk 68: x 45" Acrylic on Canvas

Map From Above 72" x 48" Acrylic

Crystal Birth 72" x 48" Acrylic

Stupa 60" x 60" Acrylic

Black Hole 60" x 60" Acrylic

Kufic 36" x 60" Acrylic

Blue Diamond 60" x 36" Acrylic

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