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500 West Monroe Street Collection

featuring artists Ted Stanuga, Caprice Pierucci, and Doug Fogelson

Where: 500 W Monroe Street, Chicago, IL

King Art Collective, in partnership with Epstein, is excited to announce the acquisition of a stunning collection of artworks added to the permanent collection at 500 W Monroe, in downtown Chicago, Illinois.
The artwork was carefully curated to echo the innovative furniture, finishes and architectural modifications of the newly redesigned space and includes three gesturally abstract, black and white paintings by artist Ted Stanuga (Chicago); two large format works by photographer and artist Doug Fogelson (Chicago); and two cascading pine sculptures by sculptor Caprice Pierucci (Austin).
The collection is accessible to the public in the lobby of the 45 story architecturally significant Chicago office building in the West Loop, during normal business hours (9am - 5pm, Mondays through Fridays).

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