About the Artist

Carl Virgo was born in Chicago in 1959. His passion for sight and sound began by watching his mother paint and hearing his father perform with his band. Influence at an early age, he began experimenting with a wide variety of mediums.


Virgo attended the American Academy of Art Chicago from 1977-1980 in order to further his education in the arts, he studied graphic design, drawing and painting. Into the mid eighties Virgo worked as a graphic designer, however is true interests remained in creating fine art.


In 1987, Virgo moved to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He became intrigued with Portuguese Culture and studied Brazilian Art.


Currently his work reflects past and present experience and his visions continue to unfold as he strives to encourage, excite and expand the interests of his viewers. Virgo’s studio is located at the internationally renowned Zhou B Art Center, Chicago.


Virgo’s lush painterly canvases resemble works by abstract expressionist with bold strokes that convey powerful emotions through the sensuous qualities of the paint. Virgo’s painting has a rich surface quality and posses a spirit of spontaneous expression that glorifies the act of painting itself.


Artist's Statement

We all feel a need for something, whatever it may be: love, material things, food, spirituality. Our wants and desires at times may lead us astray, and cause tensions and conflict must be resolved.

Resolutions are part of our everyday lives that cannot be denied. Making decisions or waiting to make decisions until we feel our mental state and firmness of purpose is final. The methods and procedures we use to arrive at a resolute place are irrelevant. Not unlike the artist in the studio.

Bringing an artwork to completion is a form of resolving, creating chaos and disharmony first, covering up, eliminating, abandoning, starting over, and adding and subtracting until we finally arrive at resolution. A place to stop and hopefully be somewhat satisfied.

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