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About The Artist

Bruce Riley has painted all his life. He currently has a studio in Chicago where he lives and a studio in Cincinnati where he was born. Bruce is a self taught artist with some some art school training. He has no art degree. “ If someone else paid for school I would go but when funding ran out I rented a studio”. Recent exhibitions include two solo shows; “Psychedelic” at Packer Shopfs Gallery, “Science Fiction” at Miller Gallery. He has also been in recent group shows at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art and at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. His numerous awards include a ; Pollack-Krasner Foundation Fellowship, Ludwig Vogelstien Foundation Fellowship, Arts Midwest / NEA Regional Visual Arts Fellowship and an Illinois Arts Council Finalist Award.


Artist's Statement

These paintings are family to a larger group of paintings that are process driven. I’ve been avoiding the “Known” and focusing on the “Unknown” as a source. This decision not to work soley within our expanding bubble of knowledge has led me to develop systems of working that support and continually modify the moments of making. Other than logistical considerations my paintings grow without preconception individually and as a whole. Giving up so much conscious control, I find the work mimics life systems.

Lilith with Lilin, Baby Momma 96" x 60" Mixed Media

Holomovement 48" x 72" Mixed Media

Diptych Mixed Media

48" x 72"

Particles 72" x 48" Mixed Media

Argus, 48" x 36", mixed media on canvas



96" x 48"

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