Artist Statement


My work serves as a personal narrative - the line a reaction to the feeling of surrendering control while exercising it. 

I allow my feelings to mix with those that emanate off the surface of a wall, canvas, photograph, or blank sheet of paper.  Each stroke adds another line in the visual journal of my life. 

The context of this narrative and what is in front of me to fill in the infinite space behind my lines. 

When a single face is drawn the elegance or brutishness amplifies - an internal weight of what it means to be an individual asks to be held. 

The stream of consciousness line manifests eyes, noses, lips and limbs that live together on the surface.  Like returning to your body from a semi lucid dream, contorted in bed, the characters live in a purgatory of their individual presence finding meaning through their surroundings.  A finished piece presents a puzzle that I create for the viewer to complete in their minds however they feel to. 

Just like this sentence, I'm not sure how it ends until it does. 

2016 © King Art Collective