About The Artist

2015 – 2017:
Cranbrook Academy of Art: MFA; Fiber
2014 – 2015:
School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Post Baccalaureate; Fiber & Material Studies
2005 - 2008:
Colorado State University: B.A; Painting


Artist's Statement

My artwork aims to bring forth elements of surprise by bending commonly shared perceptions of sewing thread. In most cases, I choose not to sew, embroider, or use threadin any of its traditional forms; instead, I enrich artistic uses of thread and build upon its

important history by highlighting thread as the central medium for my artistic explorations. Through physics, pattern, and spontaneity, I engineer the unexpected by creating site-specific thread installations that, in the end, render the material unrecognizable.


My installations develop a sense of the specialness of a particular location by forming a visual dialogue that accentuates the character, volume, or lighting conditions unique to that location. I enjoy working in small volumes, 7 x 7 x 7 feet, and large volumes that

expand over 30 x 50 x 15 feet. I have created commissioned installations within an art gallery, a social event, a commercial business, and a residential home; no setting is taboo. When I'm not creating site-specific installations, I use my studio as a lab for realizing

experimental patterns, forms, colors, or lighting studies.


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